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How We Guarantee Quality


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Are you are looking to start or finish a renovation project? In many cases, a quality paint job makes or breaks a project.

We specialize in interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting services. 

Primo Pro is committed to impressing our clients with a quality finish every time. 

Why Choose Primo Pro?
  • ​​​​Free quotes

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or a 10% reduction in cost

  • Dedication to quality and cleanliness

  • A 10% reduction in cost when you refer us to another client​

  • A quality finish at a reasonable price

Step 1 - A Free Quote:         
Communication begins between you and our Project Coordinator

to begin understanding and planning your vision.

Step 2 - An Agreement of Contract:
A finalized plan is drafted up by us and agreed upon by you.

Step 3 - The Project Begins:
Any necessary preparation and cleaning takes place. Primo Pro

welcomes clients to scrutinize our work in real time to ensure our

work matches your vision. 

Step 4 - The Wrap Up:
Each project will be left cleaner than before the project began